We Only Produce Complete PVC Hose Products


‘S’ of Sejong Flex

‘S’ describes the flexibility of a PVC hose with the blue color representing the flowing water so that the meaning of the most important Sejong Flex’s goal consisting of the smooth communication with customers and the customer satisfaction is implied.

‘Super Hose’ describes the will of Sejong Flex producing only the best products, and the history and tradition of specializing in producing only PVC hoses.

Korean Logo Type

English Logo Type


‘Super Hose’ contain the meaning of growing as the world’s best PVC hose manufacturing and exporting company through the smooth communication with customers on the basis of the quality and history.

Color System

C:100%, M:0%, Y:0%, K:0%

R:0, G:174, B:239

C:100%, M:60%, Y:0%, K:50%

R:0, G:56, B:108

C:50%, M:20%, Y:0%, K:20%

R:103, G:147, B:186

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