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Clear hose


Electronic products and vehicle parts

For oil presses


It is strong against the chemicals such as acid, alkali and so on.

It is transparent so that the liquid flow can be identified.

It can be manufactured with various colors and can be produced without the length limitation.

It is the long life edition product so that it has a long lifetime.


It maintains the raw material mixing ratio developed for high transparency and the highest transparency obtained though the special treatment and has a very long lifetime.


Model I.D I.D Tolerance
mm mm mm
3 3.0 ±0.5
4 4.0
5 5.0
6 6.0 ±0.7
7 7.0
8 8.0
9 9.0
10 10.0
11 11.0
12 12.0
16 16.0 ±0.9
19 19.0
25 25.0
32 32.0 ±1.2
38 38.0
50 50.0

※ The product excluding the one with the specification can be produced on the order basis.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.

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