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Garden hose


For household use

For gardening

For vinyl greenhouses

For stables

For supplying water and fluid-liquid


It is very light and very flexible.

It has the strength in wear resistance, chemical resistance, and weather resistance.

It has the strong force of restoration.

It is the long life edition product so that it has a long lifetime.

The black garden hose is opaque so that it blocks the propagation of mosses or microorganisms.


Both the inside and the outside are made of polyvinyl resin so that it is very flexible. It is woven with the super-strong polyester yarn so that it resists water pressure.


Model I.D O.D Packing unit
mm mm mm Meters
13 13.0±0.7 18.0±0.7 90
16 16.0±1.0 21.5±1.0 40
19 19.0±1.0 24.5±1.0 40
25 25.0±1.0 32.0±1.0 40

※ The product excluding the one with the specification can be produced on the order basis.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.

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