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High Pressure Spray hose


For power spray (For spraying agricultural chemicals for farm villages, orchards, vinyl greenhouses and so on)

For high pressure water supply

For excavation (mines, roads and so on)

For cleaning (ships, vehicles and so on)

The other special purposes


It resists high pressure very much.

The good elasticity and flexibility obtained from special mixing enables easy handling.

It is lighter than a rubber hose by 30% so that it is user-friendly.

It has the strength in wear resistance, chemical resistance, and weather resistance.

It is the long life edition product so that it has a long lifetime.


Especially, both the high tensile strength of the very high tenacity yarn manufactured with the special twisted-yarn facility and the strong adhesive power of the vinyl layer and the very high tenacity yarn enables the high strength in pressure resistance. Moreover, the introduction of the state-of-the-art adhesion method makes the structure unchanged in spite of high pressure and several conditions.


Model I.D O.D Working Burst Packing unit
mm mm mm kgf/㎠ kgf/㎠ Meters
7.5 7.5±0.6 13.5±0.5 60 170 50/100/150/200
8.5 8.5±0.6 14.5±0.5 50 150 50/100/150/200
10.0 10.0±0.7 16.5±0.5 50 150 50/100/150/200
13.0 13.0±0.7 20.6±0.5 50 150 50/100/150
16.0 16.0±0.8 25.0±1.0 30 100 50/100
19.0 19.0±0.8 30.0±1.0 30 100 50/100
25.0 25.0±1.8 36.0±1.0 30 100 50

※ The product excluding the one with the specification can be produced on the order basis.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.

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