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We manufacture only the perfect polyvinyl chloride (PVC) hose products through steady R&D and training of our production workers

As the result of being focused on the research and development to become the best in the hose industry after the establishment in 1982, Sejong Flex developed the LONG LIFE EDITION maximizing the lifetime of all Sejong Flex products through the optimal mixing of raw materials and special treatment.

Long Life Edition

Sejong Flex has concentrated on one area of the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) hose product resulting in the development of its specialty.
The steady research and development are being done to make the formula, Sejong Flex = PVC hose, valid.
LONG LIFE EDITION, Sejong’s new brand, symbolizes the best result made with Sejong Flex’s tenacity.

The symbol of LONG LIFE EDITION, the new label of Sejong Flex, symbolizes the infinity of Mobius, the flexibility of the hose, and the initial S of Sejong Flex and represents the endless Sejong Flex’s research on the best product! Moreover, it represents Sejong Flex’s technology maximizing the lifetime of all products!

Quality Policy And Quality Assurance

Quality Policy

Innovating Sejong Flex’s Brand through Quality

Sejong Flex’s quality policy is to produce the best PVC hose satisfying all customer requirements. The first priority of Sejong Flex is to provide customer satisfaction. The goal is achieved by building the systematic quality control system according to the quality requirements demanded by customers and by efficiently reducing the cost with the automated system. Sejong Flex promises the production of quality PVC hoses always trusted by customers.

Quality Assurance

The Incessant Effort to Maintain the Perfect Quality Assurance system

All the staffs of Sejong Flex are making an effort to maintain the perfect quality assurance system from the warehousing of raw materials to the release of finished PVC hose products. As the result of this effort, it maintains the steady orders from the domestic market and the close cooperative relation with the buyers from all over the world. It is equipped with the quality assurance system trusted by customers on the basis of the quality management system.

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